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Weight Loss for Foodies

per month for 3 months ($480.00 total)
You’re ready to finally make your struggles with your weight, food and eating a thing of the past forever. Learn how to change your habits, end your desire to overeat, lose weight and keep it off! This is a 3-month class with 10 one-hour live coaching sessions on Thursdays.

Kiss Overweight Goodbye Forever

You're ready to lose the weight once and for all! You CAN change your relationship with food so that you can eat what you love, lose weight and keep it off. This program includes Ten (10) 60-minute one-to-one weight coaching sessions over the course of 90 days that will teach you how to enjoy eating like a naturally thin person while the weight melts away! You'll even learn how to end your desire to overeat.

Choose this package if you want to:
· Uncover what has caused your weight problem so we can fix it at the source.
· Know how to enjoy eating the foods you love and end cravings so you can still eat cookies and lose weight
· Learn how to end the desire to overeat so losing weight and staying thinner becomes a way of life
· Have all the tools you need to reach your weight loss goals and keep the weight off for good!

Life Coaching Package

Personalized, life-changing coaching to help you manage your thinking and learn how to be the best you can be! Our sessions will give you powerful insights and new perspectives that will permanently shift your self-awareness and sense of empowerment.

Package includes:
•6 one-hour coaching sessions (in person or by telephone)
•Follow-up assignments, including relevant materials and emails